Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is a paranormal television show that follows ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. The trio, with Zak Bagans being the leader, investigates paranormal locations that were said or reported to be haunted. They often get ‘Lock Downs’, where they get locked up, in the haunted locations in the night till morning for their investigations.

Season 2

Episode 1 – Preston Castle, is an youth authority institute opened in the 1890s, for juvenile and abandoned youths. The guys experienced some technical difficulties with their equipments during the tour and several interviewees reported scratch marks.  They hear an unexplained voice at the beginning of their lock down. They recorded multiple EVP and sounds. At the same time when the electromagnetic pump die, a ghostly mist was capture on the night vision camera. The electromagnetic device rang soon after they heard an unexplained scream. The spirits seemed to lead the guys downstairs and an orb appears around Nick. Aaron find scratch marks on his calf. Zak starts to act a little strange and wondered into the room of one of the reported ghosts that haunts Preston Castle. Zak seems to be channeling the ghost’s emotions. Nick recorded various voices on his camera while Zak seems to be talking to the ghost, Anna.

(Impressive evidence : Ghostly mist and unexplained voices caught on the cameras)

Episode 2 – Castillo de San Macros, built in the 1600s, is a fort. Interviewees tell of the ghost sightings of prisoners, guards and a floating head. The guys freaked out after they heard an unexplained scream and Zak felt a strong blast of cold air directed at his neck. They continue to record various voices on their camera. They recored mysterious sounds of footsteps chasing behind Aaron. They continue to record moans and sounds of footsteps. They guys gets some results with their new equipment for translating ghost energies into words. A light was captured on the night vision camera.

(Impressive evidence : Footsteps sounds & mysterious light caught on camera)

Episode 3 – La Purisma Mission is a former Spanish residence for padres, soldiers and the native Chumash. War, disease and tragedies left to the demise of the Chumash. The guys recorded various EVPs at different areas through their camera and digital voice recorder. The guys felt chills as they continued their investigations. They caught a mysterious light on their night vision camera and a heat signature on their thermal camera. The guys discovered the bed messed up when they entered the room for their investigation where it was previously left untouched. The guys noticed rapid changes in temperate and captured the readings on camera.

(Impressive evidence : Mysterious figure on the thermal camera, rapid changes in temperatures)

Episode 4 – Magnolia Lane Plantation, built in the 1830s, where slavery is a way of life and where voodoo is common. The guys go through a voodoo ritual to enhance their chance of meeting the spirits and a ghostly face was capture on a digital photo. They guys heard an unknown knocking sounds and caught various EVPs on their digital recorder and camera. The static night vision cameras that the guys left when they went to investigate other areas caught unexplained a sound and a voice.  The shed next to the guys’ target shed had light mysteriously turned on and off repeatedly. The recorded mysterious chanting sounds on their camera and more EVPs on their digital recorder after Zak felt someone tapping on the chair he was sitting on.

(Impressive evidence : Lights in a locked shed turning on and off repeatedly)

Episode 5 – Birdcage Theater, part of the history of an old mining town, it had a reported deaths of 26 occurred within. Aaron felt a tug on his flashlight. The guys heard a tapping or knocking sound that was recorded on the camera as well. The guys continues to heard knocking sounds after Zak saw a ghostly face on a wall but was not recorded on camera. The guys uses video monitoring and Aaron stays at base. Zak get goosebumps when he saw a shadow but was not caught on camera. Nick and Zak heard several voices while they were investigating. Aaron’s shirt was tugged while he was investigating alone. The static night vision camera captures more EVPs and a strange glow.

(Impressive evidence : Various EVPs)

Episode 6 – Eastern State Penitentiary, considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in the world, is built in 1829. The inmates were placed in solitary confinement and caused them to go insane. Torture was prevalent when the penitentiary reformed in 1913. The guys recorded and captured various sounds and voices on their digital recorder and on their camera. They continue to heard and record unexplained sounds from the background. The guys came upon a room with mysterious knocking sounds and the sound seems to be able to reply to their question. They captured a grow and a mist on their infra red camera. Their recorders and camera continue to pick up mysterious sounds and voices. A infra red camera’s power seemed to be drained as it recorded a unexplained scream of some sort.

(Impressive evidence : Various EVPs)

Episode 7 – Moon River Brewing Company, built in 1821, is home to several reportedly violet spirits. Located in what is known to the most haunted city in America, Savannah, is part of the waring history. Unexplained sounds were heard before their investigation begun. They guys heard very clear unexplained voices as they taunted the spirit to push Zak down the stairs. They get various hits on their spiritual energy translation device and on their digital recorder. Their translation device seems to malfunction while they record an EVP on their recorder. The guys continue to get results on their device as it works again. They captured a light anomaly and unexplained footsteps on their night vision camera. The guys freak out in the basement as their infra red camera stops working. Aaron captures a few mysterious orbs after Zak and Nick felt some discomfort around the back of their head and on their bodies. Nick seems to appear abnormally as they caught a moving shadow.

(Impressive evidence : Various EVPs and orbs)

Episode 8 – Ancient Ram Inn, bulit in the 10th century, has a very dark history. With reported incidents of incubus and succubus that resides, several possessions and exrocisions, evidence of human sacrifices that are still being unearth, Ram Inn is thought to be the most haunted home in England. The owner and Zak felt uncomfortable during the walkthrough. The guys go through a ritual to open themselves to the spirits. The guys felt a shift in coolness in the room as Zak continued with the ritual and heard an unexplained growl. Zak heard some noises coming from behind the camera but found nothing. The guys heard and recorded voices on their ditigal recorder and saw minor spikes on their EMF detector. The guys continue to hear and record more unexplained noises. Aaron captures a fast moving shadow on his camera. More EVPs were picked up through their cameras and digital recorders. Zak seemed to have dreamt of the inccubus and spotted some scatch marks on his neck.

(Impressice evidence: Various unexplained sounds, voices, footsteps)