Cardcaptor Sakura, one of my favorite anime that has magic in it. What intrigues me most about the anime is the magic and the Clow & Sakura cards that Sakura uses. I have been looking for the cards since secondary school days and have finally owned a few set today. If we want to be accurate, it would be 2 out of the 5 sets.

I have the Trendmasters and Kodansha set. Bought them online and they are second hand since the cards are no longer sold in stores. Look forward to obtaining the last 3 sets; probably the movie set since i already paid for the the Bandai set of Clow Cards & Sakura Cards. Both sets are on the way, being processed and sent to me.

Sadly the Sakura Card set is missing the box. It’s relatively hard to find a complete set and even if it were a complete set, it’s hard to find a set that is rarely used or handled.

I just hope that my collection will soon be complete. 4/5. Just 1 more set to go.