What i really hate about taking the bus during crowded periods is because there are just too many people squeezing to get onto the same bus. The Clementi bus stop offers 3 buses, 52, 154 and 184 to get to SIM HQ. So, for which ever time that is need class starting time, approximately an hour before, there just would be a lot of people waiting for the buses to get on them.

The most irritating factor to most people, beside from not able to squeeze on the bus and will have to get on to the next one, is that people do not move towards the back of the bus. As the bus that is “seemingly” full closes its doors, people that had not gotten on the bus are pissed as they found out that there are still space at the back of the bus.

Well, some may argue that the person that is standing at the end should see or look at the situation and move, but should that be the case ? Most of the time, if the person noticed, it should be. It’s just not very nice to take up people’s potential for getting to school or destination on time, especially if they are running late. Please wake up and look around.