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November 2010

Today: Newton Toilet, Dinner Part 1, 2 & 6 Hour Talk…

By |2010-11-16T17:39:11+08:00November 15th, 2010|Today|

Woke up and heated up four tatsumoto sausages and had a cup of honey for lunch before heading out to school... prepared and left the house... Took the MRT but had a stomach ache while travelling so i went to the Newton MRT toilet after i alighted the MRT... spent some time in the toilet [...]

January 2010

Today: Green Tea, Sausage, Pita & Modding…

By |2010-08-16T03:49:58+08:00January 5th, 2010|Today|

Again, there is nothing much for me to do again... besides from eating a curry puff and some more cheese cake for lunch, when i woke up at 3pm... i overslept a little too much... i planned to wake up at about 1pm... i, then moved on to do other stuff... Really felt like drinking [...]

December 2009

Cooking: Sausages – Microwaving, Boiling & Turbo-broiling

By |2010-11-10T04:40:27+08:00December 16th, 2009|Cooking|

Sausages - Microwaving, Boiling & Turbo-broiling For me, i cooked my sausages using 3 different methods today and we shall see soon what are the result of the methods. The Tatsumoto Sausages are Pork, Extra Lean Recipe and in my mind, i totally don't really care about what type of sausage it would [...]