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May 2011

Today: Handing Up Assignment, Polling Day & Watching TV…

By |2011-05-08T17:06:11+08:00May 7th, 2011|Today|

Woke up, had a curry puff and some tea before leaving the house to get to school... took the MRT and the bus... the lesson was HR and we handed up our assignment and continued with the lesson... it continued to the presentation portion and half of the class did their presentation in video or [...]

April 2011

Today: Rice, Dumpling, Pizza, Photoediting, Talk & Kathy…

By |2011-06-28T12:32:20+08:00April 28th, 2011|Today|

Woke up, had half a custard pancake before leaving the house to get to school... somehow there just wasn't anything interesting to eat... took the MRT and the bus to school... The lesson is accounting, we finished the topic that was only half done the week before... bought some food during the break to eat since [...]

Today: Pre-Ordering Asus Eee Pad Transformer & HR CA1 Writing…

By |2011-05-07T20:20:12+08:00April 18th, 2011|Today|

Woke up slightly earlier to do my HR assignment but went to use the computer to surf the net instead... pre-ordered the Asus Eee Pad Transformer... ate some siew mai for breakfast before getting started on my assignment... Took the MRT and bus to school, the class for today is marketing and so is tomorrow... [...]