The tool of capturing Clow Cards in the Cardcaptor Sakura Anime is the Clow Wand or the Sealing Staff. There are a total of two tools that Sakura uses to capture and convert the cards.

– Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Early Edition), (Original, 1999) & (Re-release, 2004) (Bandai)
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– DX Star Wand (Bandai)
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Cardcaptor Sakura DX Star Wand (Bandai)

This review is for the Star Wand, released in the year 2000:

1) Box

The Box of the Bandai Star Wand is pinkish, has a large window to view the items in the box. All the items are held together by the plastic storage holder.

2) Star Wand

The Star Wand is the first article in the set. The shade of pink is slightly different from the pink of the Clow Wand.The main colors of the Star Wand is the pink, red, white and gold.

3) Card Dock

The Card Dock is of the color yellow, pink, white and gold. The Card Dock lets the user dock the card that comes along with the Star Wand set for the transformational effect similar to Sakura capturing the Clow Card and transforming it into a Sakura Card.

4) Transformation Card

The Transformation Card has two sides; one of Clow & another of Sakura. The date & location of production and license is on the Clow side.

5) Star Key

The last item of the Star Wand set is the Star Key. The star dangles and comes with a detachable section.

Star Wand (Electronic Feature)

After placing the battery for the Star Wand, which requires 3 AAA, and the Card Dock requires 3 AAA & 3 AA batteries. Turn both on them on using the off/on switch. A press of the wand’s button produces a single sound effect for the Star Wand. The star of the Star Wand spins and 2 LEDs lights up. The sound is produced from the bottom of the wand.

Place the card of the Card Dock and activate the wand near the dock to activate the dock. The Card Dock spins when activated and stops at the Sakura side of the card. It will automatically turn back to the Clow side of the card.

(Both requires relatively new batteries.)

Star Wand Variants

Chinese variants with simple packaging. 18 inches & 12 inches.

Star Wand Replica

Yes, there are replicas that exist and are mainly used for cosplay. They can be made to order, can be of any size and height.