The Golden Girls: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection is a DVD box set of The Golden Girls produce for the 25th anniversary of the popular television show, The Golden Girls.

Golden Girls: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection Walkthrough

External: Casing & Sophia’s Purse

The DVDs are place in a design transparent box to protect the specially produced Sophia’s Purse which houses the individual DVDs.

The individual season 1 – 7 and playing cards are housed in the cardboard reproduction of Sophia’s Purse. The handles of the purse are made from clear plastic printed with the designs of the handles from Sohpia’s Purse. The openings are held together by plastic velcro. Raised bumps are made to replicate the texture of the bamboo feel of Sohpia’s Purse.

Internals: DVDs & Playing Cards

The DVDs and playing cards are held in place by the design of the purse and are not loose.

The Golden Girls DVDs within are the standard sets which are the same if bought individually, so special features are the same as well.

The Golden Girls playing cards are styled with each golden girl, Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur), Rose (Betty White), Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and Sophia (Estelle Getty), on each card.

DVDs: A Closer Look

Each individual seasons of The Golden Girls DVDs set are placed in a box that has shiny surface with each golden girl represented on top.

The season summary, bonus features and DVD specs are printed on the back of the box.

The main DVDs are held together on a 3 section DVD holder, printed with the image from the box, The Golden Girls episode list for the season, DVDs and random pictures from the season’s episodes.

Golden Girls: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection Contents

Golden Girls: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection Contains :

  • 7 individual seasons of The Golden Girls
  • Golden Girls playing cards

DVD Specs :

  • English subtitles for the hearing impared
  • Aspect Ratio of 1.33:1
  • Total of 21 discs from 7 seasons

Season Special Features :

  • Season 1 – Fashion commentary with Joan and Melissa Rivers (10:27 mins)
  • Season 2 – “Go for the Gold”  Trivia Game
  • Season 3 – “Golden Moments”, a compilation of the most hilarious jokes from Season 3 & “The Golden Girls Scrapbook”
  • Season 4 – “Top Ten Guest Stars of Season 4” countdown (11:46 mins)
  • Season 5 – Exclusive insights and commentaries with Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Betty White. Rue’s are “Sick & Tired Part 2”, “The Illegitimate Concern”, Bea are “The Accurate Conception”, “Clinton Avenue Memoirs” & Betty’s are “Dancing In The Dark”, “Not Another Monday”
  • Season 6 – Candid conversations with Betty, Rue and others – Courtesy of the Museum of Television & Radio (20:15 mins)
  • Season 7 – “Thank You For Being A Friend” – A Look Back With The Golden Girls (14:59 mins)

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