Clow Cards & Sakura Cards are the one of the essentials of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime.

There are various editions of Clow Book & Clow Cards / Sakura Book & Sakura Cards that exist which are listed below and this is a review for the Bandai edition.

– Clow Cards – American edition (Trendmasters)
– Clow Cards – Japanese edition & Reprint / Deluxe edition (Bandai)
– Clow Cards – Japanese edition (Kodansha)
Clow Cards – Japanese edition (Re-release, 2015) (Kodansha)
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– Sakura Cards – Japanese edition (Bandai)
– Sakura Cards – Japanese 2nd movie edition (Bandai)

– Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Early Edition), (Original, 1999) & (Re-release, 2004) (Bandai)
– Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Re-release, 2015) (Movic)
– DX Star Wand (Bandai)
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Sakura Book & Sakura Cards (Movie Edition) (Bandai)

There are only two version of Sakura Cards that was released by Bandai. The version here is the one  the movie edition with the pouch and other is the one electronic features.

The basic contents and characteristics of the Bandai movie edition of Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Book & Sakura Cards are :

1) Box

The Bandai movie edition comes with the pinkish style box with window to view the contents within. A plastic holder houses all the contents of the box in place. The layout is similar with the Sakura Book set.

2) Movie Pouch

I’m not going to particularly compare the movie pouch to the one in the movie itself. The Movie edition pouch is kind of a purplish-pink color, made of rather hardy material with blue corners. It comes with a sling, one side is joined to the pouch and the other is connected with a metal connector. There is a cardboard that holds up the shape of the pouch when in the box and the label shows the information which when is it made. The pouch is used to house the Movie edition cards.

3) Sakura Cards

The Movie edition cards are made of non-glossy cardboard. There are a total of 53 cards which includes “The Hope”. The cards are of pink & yellow style. Unlike the Sakura Book edition, there isn’t a number in the front which includes the name of the card but only “SAKURA”. The back contains the date & location of print (2001, China) and the license (Clamp, Kodansha).

4) Star Key

The Movie edition star key is pink in color and had a chain attached. It is usually taped to the plastic frame, so it doesn’t move in any way. It is made of soft plastic and rather easily bendable.

5) Manual

The Movie edition manual is made of plastic style paper (not too sure of the type of material name). It is pinkish. It includes the mention of the inclusion of “The Hope” card and the meaning of Sakura Cards. It’s folded into a booklet form from a single piece of paper.

What is so special about the movie edition ?

There are two editions of Sakura Cards and both are rather different. Unlike Clow Cards editions, the Sakura Card editions are completely different in terms of content, in the sense that one has the Sakura Book and the other has the Movie edition pouch. What else is so special about the Movie edition, besides the rarity, i’ll explain below.

(Left: Movie edition, Right: Sakura Book edition)

We first compare the cards :

  • Material : The Movie edition is highly flexible die to the difference is material used to produce the cards. Possibly for the fact that it is to be placed in the pouch
  • Thickness : The Movie edition when compared to the Sakura Book edition is much thicker despite both having 53 cards
  • Glossy-ness : Under direct lighting, the Movie edition is matte while the Sakura Book edition is glossy
  • Front of the cards : Basic difference is the number / numbering of the cards
  • Back of the cards : Basic differences are the licensing and production information

Why the Movie edition can be so expensive, besides from the fact that it’s rate of reselling and appearance is uncommon, it is largely because of ‘The Hope’ card. “The Hope” card appears in only two places; the Movie edition and the Japanese 2nd Movie DVD.

(Left: Movie edition, Right: DVD edition)

So let’s do a comparison as well :

  • Design : Fundamental differences between both editions are the use of color and the lines used in designing
  • Material : The Movie edition is flexible while the DVD edition is hard
  • Glossy-ness : The Movie edition is matte while the DVD edition is shiny
  • Back of the card : Basic differences are the licensing and production information

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