Dynasty Warrior 8 Lu Bu

If you are playing Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends and looking for the Lu Bu Star Conditions & Hypothetical guide, here is it ! I’ve followed a skeleton guide and created a screenshot walkthrough for people who wants to know more.

*Open the images on a new tab to view the enlarged version !

Basic Info: Stages are completed in Beginner mode to increase the rate of completion

Stage 2 – Getaway from Hulao Gate


Star Objective: Successfully rescuing Hua Xiong will affect the Battle of Dingtao

Story Basics: Help Dong Zhuo escape

Steps & Events:

  1. Defeat Fan Fang on the west route and clear out the enemy units along the route
  2. “Rendezvous with the front line units” will trigger
  3. Defeat Han Dang & Huang Gai when they appear
  4. Central Southeast Base South Gate will open and defeat Bao Zhang
  5. Defeat Bao Xin and the gate to the cliff will open
  6. Defeat Yu She to stop the ballista attack
  7. Jump off the cliff and defeat Yue Jin
  8. Central Base South Gates will open & defeat Guan Yu
  9. Defeat Kong Rong once the gates open
  10. Defeat Chen Gong
  11. Coalition reinforcement arrives
  12. Rush to Hua Xiong to save him. Save the other officers if you want to.
  13. Rush to Dong Zhuo & defeat the enemy officers around him
  14. Defeat Li Dian to stop the arrow attacks
  15. Continue to follow the advance of the carriage & defeat Zhao Yun
  16. Clear a path at any of the 3 routes
  17. Defeat Yuan Shao

Map with Steps


Stage 3 – Uprising at Chang’an


Star Objective: 1. Ensuring Wang Yun’s Safety will affect the Battle of Dingtao. 2. Taming all tigers will enable the stage “Battle of Changshan” to be unlocked.

Story Basics: Betray & Defeat Dong Zhuo. Defeat Jia Xu and escape.

Steps & Events:

  1. Defeat the enemy officers and meet with Wang Yun
  2. Mission to cut off the bridge will be triggered upon entering the gates. Bring Wang Yun to the bridge
  3. First appearance of tigers
  4. Wang Yun suggest the taming of the 2 other groups of tigers
  5. Defeat Zhang Liao & bring Wang Yun to the bridge point
  6. Dong Zhuo will start to escape. Defeat his ambush troops
  7. Defeat Dong Zhuo, & Jia Xu appears with reinforcements
  8. Go to Wang Yun and he will go into hiding
  9. Head towards the escape point and defeat Jia Xu
  10. Walk to the escape point

Map with Steps

2014-10-15_00004 (Edited)

Stage 3-x – Battle of Changshan


Star Objective: Rescuing Yuan Shao’s forces three times will affect the Battle of Dingtao

Story Basics: Yuan Shao requests for Lu Bu’s assistance in Battle

Steps & Events:

  1. Defeat the enemy officers near the base camp
  2. Follow Yuan Shao. Defeat the gatekeeper and save Yuan Shao from rock attacks.
  3. From here, just follow Yuan Shao. He will head to the center.
  4. Flame attack will occur once you enter the area
  5. Go to the east
  6. A garrison on the east will open and two enemy officers will head to the main camp. Cut them off by jumping off the cliff and defeat them.
  7. Head towards the east point and Zhao Yun will appear from a garrison to launch an attack
  8. Follow Yuan Shao to defeat the boss

Map with Steps

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Stage 5 – Battle of Dingtao

If you have completed all the Star Objectives or conditions, talk to Hua Xiong to start the Hypothetical Route.

Stage 7 – Battle of Shouchun


Star Objective: Sucessfully persuading Zhang Fei will cause Yuan Shu to appear in the Showdown at Xiapi

Story Basics: Shu request the assistance of Lu Bu’s forces to fight Yuan Shu

Steps & Events:

  1. Escort the two officers to meet with enemy officers (if you want.) (Zhang Fei will take some time to appear at the correct point to persuade him, so if you want, just follow the instructions given in the game)
  2. Meet up with Han Xian
  3. Meet up with Yang Feng
  4. Depending on what you choose to do, Zhang Fei may appear at two difference places (from what i had experienced, either doing the pincer attack or destorying the arrow attack). Meet up with him quickly before he finish destroying the boxesand he will return to the battlefield.
  5. Defeat the other enemy officers and Yuan Shu

Map with Steps

2014-10-15_00007 (Edited)