I had went to Baidu BBQ, which is located at Bugis a couple of times. The obvious reasons why we go there is because my teammates which mainly consisted of students from China find the food much more suitable to their taste due to the availability of  spices.

Baidu BBQ provides a dual steamboat pot for 2 different types of stock and also a grill plate which you can grill food on.

The most common stock that we had ordered is the chilled and non-chilled. The food items available is quite a small spread and probably i would estimate the spread to be lesser than those of Seoul Garden’s, however they should be enough for justifying the cost that you pay to eat at Baidu.

It may just be a little inconvenient to see the face of your friends as the smoke or steam guiding covers are in the way but they have be moved.

The grill that we use to grill meats and whatnots are easy to use. Some grills did not have a knob for changing the temperature and the paper that the meat is cooked upon has to be changed once it turns black. The service staffs are very will to clear your empty or dirty wares and help you change the darken paper.

Overall, Baidu, which is located at Bugis might be a less known position but the cost should be able to be justified by the amount of food and the prompt service attitudes of the staff. Ambiance is provided by their television that is turned to the Chinese channel and they do provide Wifi.

Dates that i went ->

20 Oct 10

05 Feb 11