Compare: Clow Wand / Sealing Staff

Updated Feb 2018. Sorry if it’s a little messy about how the information has been laid out. I haven’t gotten the time to reorganize them yet.

For the Japanese version of the wands, please refer to the list here:

Clow Wand

1) Bandai 1998 – View my review here

2) Bandai 1999 – View my review here

3) Bandai 2004 – View my review here

4) Bandai 2015 (Haven’t gotten my review out yet)

5) Movic 2015 – View my preview here

6) TakaraTomy 2016 (Haven’t gotten my review out yet)

Star Wand

1) Bandai 2000 – View my review here

2) TakaraTomy 2017 (Haven’t gotten my review out yet)

Dream Wand

1) TakaraTomy 2018

Other notable editions:

1) Trendmasters Clow Wand (Mentioned below)
2) Korean Edition Clow Wand (Mentioned below)
3) Hong Kong Edition Clow Wand
4) Chinese Edition Clow Wand (Mentioned below)

The old information below:

This comparison serves a non-descriptive form of comparison. It compares the short versions of the Clow Wands from Bandai, both, 1999 & 2004 editions.

(Left: 1999, Right: 2004)

(Front: 1999, Back: 2004) (Above)

(1999 version) (Above)

(2004 version) (Above)

(Right: 2004, Left: 1999)

Electronic Feature

(1999) (Above)

(2004) (Above)

Clow Wand Variants

There are different editions of short Clow Wands that exists and are roughly listed below, but may not be complete.

Actar’s review of the original, 1999 version & 2004 version, Bandai editions (Above)

Korean edition (Above)

English edition (Trendmasters edition) (Above)

Chinese edition (I had talked to a collector and this edition was mentioned.) (Above)