Weird or What?

Weird or What?

Weird or What ? – A Discovery Channel show that explores mysterious and strange phenomenas which are bizarre and unexplained. Each episode presents 4 stories and each story ends with the narrator asking “Weird or What?”.

Episode 1 – Strange Survival

  • 2 Brothers plunge nearly 50 stories from a New York skyscraper. How did one of them survive ?
  • Rocks seem to be moving by themselves at Death Valley. How do they move ?
  • Weird weather ? Basketball sized chunks of ice are falling from the sky.
  • Sneakers are washing up on the beaches of Vancouver. Whose feet are those and where are they from ?

Episode 2 – Ghost Ship

  • Residents of a Texas town reports mysterious lights in the night sky. Are they UFOs ?
  • A fishing trawler disappears, only to be found undamaged at the bottom of the Pacific. Why was it there and was undamaged ?
  • The bloop, a sound recorded by deep sea microphones. What made the loud sound from the depths of the deep sea in just north of Antarctica ?
  • Do cows stand facing the earth magnetic poles ? Or are they just standing as they please ?

Episode 3 – Cocaine Mummies

  • Cocaine found of 3000 year old Egyptian mummies. How did it get there ?
  • Thousands of sea lions flee from Pier 39 before an earthquake in San Fransisco. Did they sense it coming ?
  • The Voynich Manuscript, a 15 – 16 century book containing unknown writings. What does it tell ? Is it a hoax ?
  • A tribe in Mexico is redefining the limits of human endurance. Why can they run nearly 500 miles ?

Episode 4 – Grim Reapers

  • A woman materializing from thin air.  Can people move from the present to the past or the future ?
  • Dolphins saves a surfer that was attacked by a great white shark. Do dolphins have empathy ?
  • Do animals have the ability to “smell” death ?
  • A skinny thin moves a car to save his trapped uncle. How did he do it ?

Episode 5 – Human Popsicle

  • Mysterious light appearing on Brown Mountain, Texas. What is it actually ?
  • A 13 month old child survives being frozen solid, did she really hibernate ?
  • Mysterious grouping of megalithic stones found in New Hampshire, is it for sacrificial purposes ?
  • Strange ice circles forming in lakes and rivers across the planet. How are they formed ?

Episode 6 – Personality Transplant

  • Mysterious carved stones found off the coast of California. Are they stone anchors ? Did the Chinese beat Columbus by a 100 years ?
  • Can an organ transplant change a person’s personality ? Is it possible to transplant a person’s personality and memories ?
  • A man survives 6 lightning strikes in 30 years ? Why is he prone to be struck ?
  • Are plants able to think and feel ? Do plants have ESP ?

Episode 7 – Mind Control War

  • A woman shot in the chest at point blank range by an AK-47 at her heart and survived. Was she saved by her breast implant ?
  • A DNA test reveals that a mother is not the biological mother of the children she gave birth to. Does she have 2 sets of DNA ?
  • Does the mind have the power to kill, can it be our most powerful weapon ? Can war be fought with mind control ?
  • Random occurrences ? 2 people saved by each other at different times when they are in danger.