The Fabulous Beekman Boys

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Brent & Josh, two city boys who bought a farm, they’ve got a herd of goats, a lama and a whole lot of drama. Farming ain’t easy but they make it fabulous.

Episode 1 – When Pigs Fly

Brent spends his time at the farm while Josh spends his time in the city, a decision made after buying the Beekman mansion. The boys buys some piglets, spent some time transporting them home and into the farm. Josh questions Brent on the state of the vegetable garden which were overgrown with weeds and dying vegetables. The boys look for willows for the goats as an aspirin replacement. Polka Spots make fools out of the boys. Josh has a book reading for his third book in the city.

Episode 2 – Beekmanpalooza

Josh joins Brent for cheese making. Brent is organizing the first Sharon Springs harvest festival for the local farmers. The harvest weekend comprises of three event which are; a garden party at the Beekman mansion, a harvest festival at the village of Sharon Springs and the harvest feast at the American Hotel. Brent, Josh and Farmer John cleans up the farm for the garden party. Brent dresses Josh up for the harvest festival to sell the Blaak cheese at the booth.

Episode 3 – Unhappy Birthday

Brent is building a surprise birthday present for Josh’s 40th birthday. Brent accepts a booking for the Beekman mansion for a garden wedding on Josh’s birthday but it made Josh upset. Brent and Josh prepares the farm and the animals for the wedding. The wedding was a success despite the short rain and Brent brought Josh to the American Hotel for a birthday party with their friends. Brent gives Josh his present but it was unable to be moved into the house.

Episode 4 – Suds & Studs

It’s the breeding season for the goat in the farm, Brent and Farmer John prepares for the mating. Brent goes to Deb’s to collect the soaps for the larger order that was placed for their soap collection gift set. Brent asks Josh to deliver some of their cheese into the city. Brent has to wrap and box up the 14000 bars of soap over 5 days. Brent has some trouble with Darkness, the goat, when he escaped out of the barricade. Josh asked Doug, Garth and Michelle to help Brent out as he saw that Brent is over stressing.

Episode 5 – Bring Home the Bacon

Josh teaches Brent how to drive the tractor. Harvest time for their pigs, Porky and Bass, has arrived. Martha had asked for the Beekman cheese to be served at her cheese event and Brent will be attending. Josh deals with the work in the farm, with the assistance from Farmer John, in place of Brent as Brent has gone to the event. Brent checks on the ‘To-do List’ that he had left for Josh when he had returned. The boys consumes the bacon from Porky and Bass for dinner.

Episode 6 – The Haunting of Beekman Farm

Autumn enters, Brent and Josh bring some turnips to visit Douglas and Kat. They carve some jack-o-lanterns with the turnips. Kat mentions, Mary, the ghost of Beekman mansion.  Brent invites the North East Paranormal Society for a consultation of the Beekman mansion and will return on the Halloween night for the ghost hunt. Brent and Josh travels back to the city, and Brent goes to deliver cheese. Brent pulls the unwilling Josh to the Martha fund raising gala and has a heart-to-heart chat at the rooftop. The ghost hunt begins on Halloween night.

Episode 7 – Turkey a la Queens

It’s Thanksgivings and the boys’ parents are coming to visit and they have never meet before. Doug helps Josh on the garden and he invites Doug to Thanksgivings. Josh and Brent prepares the Beekman mansion for their parents. Linda, Brent’s mother, arrives first and went to visit the animals. Jackie & Dave, Josh’s mum and dad, arrives next. They have a chat over dinner. Farmer John, Brent and Josh gives the turkey some alcohol to prepare it for the Thanksgiving turkey. Josh slaves in the kitchen while Brent gives the parents a hay ride with the tractor. The fire alarm goes off from a burnt pie and the fire department come to check the boys out. Farmer John, Michelle, Doug and Garth arrives with another turkey.

Episode 8 – Three Men and a Baby Goat

It is winter time, the boys prep the house for winter and awaits the birth of baby goats. Farmer John goes through the procedure to take care of the goats before he leaves for his surgery. Jason, Farmer John’s boyfriend, bring Farmer John to the hospital and in the farm, it’s time for the goats to eat. The boys struggles with the feeding. Farmer John was arranged to spent a week after his surgery at the Beekman mansion where Brent takes care of him. Jason brings Farmer John home and Brent sets up the goat nursery. Farmer John visits the goats and gives Brent a baby monitor. The boys rushed to the barn after they heard Dora, the goat, on the baby monitor and more goats gives birth. Farmer John helps, Hannah, the goat, with her difficult birth.

Episode 9 – Le Grand Fromage

Brent drops that news that Josh has to present a dish with their Beekman cheese to Jean Georges’ new restaurant. The boys preps the chicken coop for the hens to lay eggs. Farmer John told Brent that if Josh is able to name all the breeds of the goats, Brent could name the newborn goats. Brent pulls Josh out of the kitchen for a break while they are to meet Doug and Garth for ice skating. Brent checks the coop for eggs and leaves the mansion for the city. Josh prepares the dishes for Jean Georges and scores a 9 or 10 on his dishes presented. Brent quizzes Josh on the goat breeds over dinner. The boys names the goats.

Episode 10 – Trouble in Store

The boy’s 10th anniversary is coming up while spring arrives. Brent decides to set up a retail store in the Roseboro Shop and spends some time talking to Deb, their soap maker, about the new store. Farmer John lets the goats out of the barn while Brent clears out the Roseboro Beekman 1802 store. Josh plants the potatoes in the garden while Brent gets some assistance from Garth and Doug in the painting in the store.  Josh and Brent works on the new store. Brent surprises Josh at the subway and the boys have some chinese food which was reminiscence of their first date. The work on the store continues and the store finally opens.