Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is a paranormal television show that follows ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. The trio, with Zak Bagans being the leader, investigates paranormal locations that were said or reported to be haunted. They often get ‘Lock Downs’, where they get locked up, in the haunted locations in the night till morning for their investigations.

Season 1

Episode 1 – Bobby Mackey’s Music World, known for being a gathering spot for satanic rituals and its ‘Hell Hole’. There are multiple reports of ghostly activities from the ghosts that haunts the place. It was investigated and during the lock down, Zak was scratched by unseen entities, they heard multiple voices and an apparition was recorded on camera.

(Impressive evidence : Apparition on camera)

Episode 2 – Houghton Mansion has known to be haunted by the Houghton family. During the lock down, the guys caught a moving shadow that tripped their motion detectors on tape and recored various voices. They had also photographed a ghostly mist with their infra red camera.

(Impressive evidence : Moving shadow on camera & ghost mist on photo)

Episode 3 – Moundsville Penitentiary is an old prison, closed since 1995, its over 900 deaths creates prominent hauntings. They had multiple high EMF readings, spotted an abnormality on a digital photo. A night vision camera captures unexplained sounds and it goes in and out of focus mysteriously. EVP records some voices and their camera captures Zak’s breath as the temperate drops.

(Impressive evidence : EVP recordings)

Episode 4 – Riddle House, built in 1905 was used as a funeral parlor and then a residential home, shows strong signs of paranormal activities. The guys invited a psychic medium to interpret and gain more knowledge about the house before investigation. Zak experiences chills around the house, the plank they left on the stairs moved, a flag fell on its own, a few other things moved and made unexplained noises.

(Impressive evidence : objects falling and movements without wind or breeze caught on camera)

Episode 5 – Sloss Furnaces, workers’ deaths incurred over the years haunts the now abandoned factory. Zak sees an figure walk across the doorway in the midst of setting up base. Unexplained ghost mist and sound accompanied were caught on the night vision camera. They record multiple voices in their EVP sessions and captures an apparition on the night vision camera.

(Impressive evidence : EVP recordings and apparitions recorded on camera)

Episode 6 – The abandon Insane Asylum houses the mentally ill and criminally insane. They are totally self sufficient where they grow their own foods. Patients were treated badly, conditions and treatments were horrible with a recorded deaths of over 10,000. The guys recorded EVP of voices. They followed the trail of EMF spike readings into the tunnels after Zak captured an orb and a shadow that grabbed his arm. The guys noticed a slap mark on Nick’s face after they captured an orb that was flying around him.

(Impressive evidence : Orbs and shadow hand caught on camera)

Episode 7 – Edinburgh Vaults, located in Scotland, is built towards the end of the 1780s. The vaults housed the poor and the disadvantaged before it was seal, and now has been recovered. Aaron’s camera malfunctioned during the tour of the vaults before the lock down. The guys visit Greyfriars Cemetery before the lock down. Zak and Nick was touched while the EMF detector spiked. They heard a 5 min long unexplained sound. A teddy bear that is used as a trigger object moves.

(Impressive evidence : Moving teddy bear caught on camera)

Episode 8 – Old Idaho Penitentiary, over a 100 years old, is a place where criminals were locked up. The guys caught a shadow on the night vision camera while Aaron’s water bottle pouch was lifted. They recorded unexplained sounds on the camera and EVP. The infra red camera caught a mysterious ghost shadow by Zak. The guys recorded a figure on the ITC test.

(Impressive evidence : Mysterious ghost shadow caught on infra red camera)