TV: Beautiful People – How I Got My Gash

///TV: Beautiful People – How I Got My Gash

Beautiful People, Season 2 Episode 6, How I Got My Gash

Beautiful People

Beautiful People

In the season finale, Simon meets Mickey and picks up his student card, while Debbie reminisce about her looking like 70’s Tessa White and would rather be looking like another more modern celebrity. The chance struck her. Looking  like a missing person, she stars in a crime watch reconstruction act. Simon decides to run away from home after facing some serious problems of bullies from school while Debbie and the family prepares a party for her acting debut on the television. Waiting at the bus-stop for the bus, Simon invites Mickey back to his house for the party after Mickey apologized for his mistakes and at the house, Kylie was locked up in the closet under the stairs by Jason. Simon takes a ride back home on Mickey’s bike, and at the meantime, Kylie overheard Ashlene reveal that her baby’s father was Jason. Simon outs himself to Debbie right after her wooden styled reconstruction on the television. Mickey reveals about himself to Simon while Ashlene and the others prep for the child-birth. As the ambulance arrives, Simon falls off the platform and scars his forehead. Kylie reveals to the rest that Jason is the father of Ashlene’s baby. Back to 2009, Simon arrives home and tells Debbie that he is going to marry Mickey…

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