The End Result... Lunch

The End Result... Lunch

As people could have seen earlier, i had pork sausages for lunch…. and in my previous post, i mentioned the 3 different methods that i used to cook my sausages

I did nothing much today, just downloading some stuff and watching some Tv,….

And at last i had finally completed the Elf Mage Arc of Dragon Age : Origins and well, i used a trainer, which i first thought could fasten my playing speed but i was WRONG !… Sadly i had wished it was like hmm, Diablo 2, which i had also used a trainer and completed the game quite quickly… (i guess, i have a thing for completing games fast and also overrunning the enemy with my overwhelming power in hand)… back to the point,… it’s that finally the archdemon, a dragon, is finally defeated by Grey Warden hands…

Oh, i woke up at about 3pm+ and it was raining, so i walked the treadmill and then made the sausages for lunch at about 5pm+ and then ate satay and horfan for supper at about 11+, which my mum bought… haha, so i only had 2 meals today….

Hmm, i wanted to use tomato with my hotdog bread meal but it grew mold… sad… it’s such a sad affair…