Today: A Day of Travel, Shopping & Finally, Home…

//Today: A Day of Travel, Shopping & Finally, Home…

The plans were simple…

1) visit SgDomins at Tiong Bahru Industrial Park which my mum wants to have my Dad’s hosting stuff settled
(we were running late by the way… we took taxi to the industrial park which was opposite my old home at Bukit Merah View)

2) visit my Grandmother to get my Mum’s herbal tea
(we helped my Grandmother to move the water for her sea cucumber which in all our opinions that she had soaked about 2 too much… 1 was much enough… and she offered me yakult)

3) go to Queenstown Shopping Centre to alter my jeans since its too long and doesn’t have a button nor a button hole
(the altering services could not do the button and the button hole thou,… we had the laksa at the first level)

4) go to my cousin’s house to collect school books for my Brother and to pass her Daughter clothes
(again, we were late, she was about to leave, and so she waited for us a little while long… then she also had to wait for her exercise machine to arrive also… anyways she had to fetch her Daughter, buy food and go to her Mother-in-law’s house and go to the airport… and the delivery was running late… so its not just us that were late…)

5) go to Takashimaya to look for the grey rat
(which i never found… in fact i found a black cat that is a money or coin bank… the place was quite crowded)

Black Cat Coin Bank

Black Cat Coin Bank

Black Cat Coin Bank Bag

Black Cat Coin Bank Bag

6) we went to look for the grey rat at OG,… which was unless because they don’t have it…
(my Mum bought a bra thou, with rebate of $5…)

7) went to eat dinner at the mini jap eatery on the left side of OG..
(i think the shop is called OHSHO…)

8) we went to Robinsons to look for the rat but bought a pillow instead…
(for me…contoured…)

New Pillow

New Pillow

9) going home time…
(finally, after a long day… from 1.35pm to 11pm)

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