Wordpress Stats

I have been using WordPress for about over a year and as WordPress users would know, they would gather stats when visitors visit their blogs. Whether it is a personal blog or a business blog, information that is useful would be left behind. The picture above is the stats from a website, MarshNSkyes, that i had been working on during the holidays. The information gather, about the visitors, are valuable data for any internet marketer. Information such as keywords, clicks, referrer links, most visited pages/post & visits per day is handy information to go about building and optimizing the site.

Wordpress Bar Graphs

The bar chart shows the visitor volume for the day and till tell us the summary for the day specifically. The chart is most useful to look for days where there are the most visitors and concentrate on optimizing the data or information release for the site.

Wordpress Top PagesBy looking at the popular page or post, information that is relevant to visitors’ needs could be figured out. It can also tell whether the page or post is generating any interest.

Wordpress Other StatsTo the internet marketers, keywords are the most essential information and is the most valuable for any planning and content constructing. Tracking the search engine terms enables a internet marketer to find keywords that he/she might not have thought of that found the site’s pages or post. Referrers shows the links that visitors click to enter the site and is useful for judging if links at specific places are popular and worthy of further investment. Clicks are the data that is captured when a visitor clocks on links embedded on the site. It tracks popular links that are often clicked on the site. Lastly, incoming links shows the links that are linked back to the sites by other users of the web.

Information gathered through the WordPress stats are actually very bare minimal but is worth studying. Further information on visitor information could be tracked through Google Analytics for more advance information.