We clean went things are dirty, but how do we really define what is dirty since it is highly subjective yet when people see the evidence, which most of the time is dust / grim / stains, they will probably think it’s time to clean it.

My Mum had thought us to be clean from young since she really likes cleanliness. She can’t be categorized as a clean-freak or a person with OCD since most of the time she has never reach the stage of obsession where she must clean all the time.  She just loves things to be clean, neat and tidy, which are like most mums out there, or maybe just some mums out there. Other mums are people too, whom can be slightly slack at being clean and will only clean or wipe things when there is dust or obvious “evidence”.

Whether people like to clean or not is, i guess, about their mentality. I like things to be clean but i’m also the slack type of person which tends to clean and pack when the time arrives. I can stand some dust but if it crosses the comfort-zone, then some actions would have to be taken.

My Mum will ask the maids to wipe the floor using the cloth every morning and mop at night. My Grandmother calls that crazy. I call it a practice. It’s largely because that’s what my Mum is capable of doing herself before using maids. Many people probably forgotten that she had done it and argue that what she had asked the maids to do is too much has not lived in this house with us, and they are, well, the slack type. My Mum is particular because the house uses the glossy floor tiles, thus, sweat, oil, dust and stains will be “detectable” by the feet. The others, who complains, uses matte floor tiles.

Being one of the culprits that has kind of a slight sweaty feet, i’m highly influenced by my Mum, thou i’m actually very slack most of the time, i will clean if need be. And now, since there’s no more maid working in my house, we take turns to clean / mop / wipe the floor. My Mum would still wipe the floor every weekend since she enjoys the smooth floor, free of any “dirt” (sweat, dust & hair), i would mop the floor from time to time. This really is a family influence since my other Grandmother, Mum’s mum, was still wiping the floor when she was 70+ years old.

So, to clean or not to clean ?