Exams ended on the 4th of June after a tough week of studying and revision. This semester seemed rather tough since i wasn’t really able to concentrate that well and there wasn’t really any mood to study. From there on, the school holidays begin with :

Watched (movies) – Tangled, Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest, Pirates Of The Caribbean – At World’s End, Inception, The Dark Knight, The Karate Kid, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Lake House, Get Him To The Greek

Watched (shows) – Dante’s Cove, Mythbusters, Primeval, The Voice, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Ghost Adventures, Oprah, Mystery Files, Mystery Investigators, Kathy Griffin’s Gurrl Down

Ate – Small pizzas, Baos, Spaghetti, Marcaroni, Soba, Tempura fish fillet, Roasted chicken, Sushi, Fish & chips, White bait, Crab Bisque, Hush browns, Beef Patties, Chicken patties, Japanese curry, Canned soup, Porridge, Waffle, Fried bee hoon, Hor fun, Fried rice, Mixed dishes items, Roti prata, Mee goreng, Glutinous rice

Misc – Boiled herbal soup, Played Android games on my Transformer, Sang Karaoke, Went to The Manhattan Fish Market, Bought & read books, Blogging, Read feeds, Online window browsing, Collecting package at the post office, Made Japanese curry & rice, Went to do more shop decor, Went to schools to pay school fees, Had KFC, Took a cab home

Met – Fifi, Guan Xiong, Jasmine, Marshal, Skye, Mel, Janice, Elljay

Played – MapleStory, MapleSEA, Jade Dynasty, MUonline

Did some relaxing during the holidays and did quite some things as well. Watched a couple of movies that i had the impulse to watch and some tv shows that i hadn’t watched previously as well. Went to The Manhattan Fish Market with my family for dinner. Cooked japanese curry for the first time. Continued with the shop and the decor. Met Fifi at Northpoint. Played some games on the private server. Met Janice as she came back from Australia during her break.

Looking forward to the new semester.