It’s no easy to find some of the collectibles that you might be looking for, especially some of the rarer ones.

In relation to rarity, some of the rarer Cardcaptor Sakura collectibles would include the Sakura Cards from the 2nd Movie which includes the carrier pouch. I happened to chance upon the original edition of the Clow Wand, which status is uncommon.

I am finally able to complete my collection, due to luck and constant monitoring of sales platforms. Sometimes it’s got to do with luck or maybe the intuition that i had that day but i was very lucky to be able to get it.

Looking for some collectibles are hard as well, actually just some items are hard. I have been trying to look for capsule stations / capsule vending machines that are small enough but dispense regular capsules.

I came upon the Bandai Capsule Station 1/2 which is also a collectible, a half size version of the regular capsule station. Had to look slightly hard for a website that had the stock but i eventually found it.