I’m selling some of my leftovers or things i that i don’t want anymore on eBay. I guess it’s going to be a long wait for them to be totally sold out.

The new seller restriction seemed to be with 10 items or $500 cap which to me wasn’t really a good deal. I had some my ASUS Transformer away at $650 so the cap was reached. I had to called the service hotline which probably transferred to the Hong Kong office but i got the limit raised to $1000 but still at 10 items.

Currently the things i’m selling are :

Chi’s Sweet Home Comics 1 – 7 (甜甜私房猫) (Chinese)

Meteor Garden (F4) Photobook with Poster & Sticker

Okami (Wii) & Official Complete Works

Westside Story Tv Work Album & Poster

Lee Hom – The One & Only (Chinese, Japanese & Score)

Accidental Biography of Lee Hom Wang

The Legend Of Guan Yin Comics 1-5

Sailor Moon’s Wand & Musical Jewel Box (Bandai)

More things are on the way to the list but now it’s still at the limit of 10 items. Sad but i’d have to wait to the next month before i can list a few more.