Thoughts : Last Week of the Semester 4 Holidays

///Thoughts : Last Week of the Semester 4 Holidays

Some of the things that i have been doing the holidays were not that meaningful but i did do some things that were my first time doing them.

One of the things that i had tried out was Facebook Advertising. I did tried out Google Adwords for about 6 months and Facebook Advertising was new and i had lacked a reason to test it out.

Now i had a reason. With Marsh & Skyes and some of my ebay items to sell (such as my Clow Cards, Sailormoon Wand & Musical Box, Books, etc) i created 3 ads. It did help with some traffic but it wasn’t that substantial since the target customers were rather niche.

I also did a review on iHerb since i ordered from them a few more times. Probably going to do some caparison review of some supplements that i have gone through for a future.

I’m going to move my desktop away into storage since it’s giving me some problems and i’m a little lazy to get it checked out. I’ll be able to use my laptop as a desktop replacement.

Went my Grandmother & Keith for the first time to a buffet at 313’s Tanafuku.

School is going to start soon and it’s the last semester so i’ll probably be practicing to sleep slightly earlier than usual in these few days.


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