Photo via Scholastic (Plastic bag blows in the wind)

Plastic bags. Whenever it leaves a person’s hands and get lost into the wild, things like this do happen. They are blown around in the wind, floating helplessly from location to location. However, ever gotten followed by a stray moving plastic bag ?

The feeling was strange. When you want to get away from the bag, it moves unexpectedly according to the wind. You can’t control it and most of the time wouldn’t dare to pick it up since no one knows where it had gone. Of course there are someone out there that would actually pick them up and eventually recycle them but half of the time others would probably not.

If referring to strange and mysterious stray flying plastic bags, it would largely remind me of Gyo. Even though the one in Junji Ito’s Gyo wasn’t really very stray by any standard, it is creepy and that the main character, Tadashi, had contained this “strange thing” within a transparent plastic bag.

It floats and follows Tadashi and his girlfriend, Kaori, around during vacation and eventually back to their town. In fact it would be rather creepy if it leaves the manga and chases someone in real life. How wouldn’t have freak out like both of them did but of course, Kaori was dramatic since she couldn’t take the smell it gave off and could seem to sense “them” (other strange “things”) from far away.

For people how had read the manga, they would have known that the strange “thing” that was in the floating bag is in fact a fish from the sea that had a mechanical device attached which runs on gas that it produces using the biological host.

Going back to the topic of flying plastic bags, please in the future, don’t let them stray from your control. Keep them, reuse them or simply recycle them if you can since you never know where they might end up doing.