After playing Guild Wars for such a long period of time, from my polytechnic school days, 2005 to the present, 2011, Guild Wars has brought to my gaming life much pleasure and fun. Guild Wars is a very addictive game, making players want to continue playing the missions, quests to complete or collect optional heroes.

Leveling to level 20 in Pre-Searing is by far one of the most difficult to achieve in the past and Guild Wars has now change to make the effort easier. Comparing the methods of leveling to level 20 in Pre-Searing, a player must death-level a creature to gain experience and it is a grueling process. Death-leveling is a tedious process that can take up months or years of people’s time just for the achievement of level 20 in Pre-Searing. However, things had gradually changed in the matter of making it to level 20 in Pre-Searing.

Guild Wars had introduced the daily quest that can be completed by players during the Embark Beach content, netting 1000 exp for the quest performed. The quests are in rotation, up to 9 quests are available from Lieutenant Langmar from Ascalon City. This inclusion of daily quest in quicken and takes over a player’s needs for death-leveling.

Personally, my Guild Wars character, Marie Dethraizr, is a Necromancer Minion Master. She is able to use the Fire Imp which has great strengths towards Pre-Searing creatures when training, gathering, exploring and questing. I, too, have tried training in the Northlands from the period of level  8 or 9 to 12 with Ben Wolfson (he is available during the Across The Wall quest) and with the Fire imp on Charrs and Oakhearts. There are many uncertainties due to the fact that we are spellcasters and Ben Wolfson is only Level 5, the Charrs are much faster in attack and is able to defeat us if we do not use much tactic in our fights. Of course, along the way, i picked up good stuff like a Charr Bag from the Charr bosses, but it is still not easy as it’s the ultimate way of being high level in Pre-Searing, the only way is to train or death-level in the Northlands.

I am glad that death-leveling has been replaced by the fact that quests can give us a chance to level up to level 20 in Pre-Searing, which makes things much easier for us to achieve the Defender of Ascalon title. I am on the way to level 20 as well.