The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is a new take on the old ASUS Eee family style netbook which ASUS famously makes. The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (TF101) uses the Google Android Honeycomb OS and is a combination of both, tablet and keyboard dock to form a laptop / netbook styled device.

I had pre-ordered the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer using the pre-order period announced on Facebook for Singapore. There were 100 sets available on 18 Apr for $699 and the collection of the Transformer was from 9 May onwards. The noted selling price for just the 16GB Wifi Transformer is $699 and during the pre-order, the keyboard dock, $199, was included as a bundle. I had collected the pre-ordered Transformer from the distributor and had taken a leap of faith since there were some issues that users in the US had brought up. The Transformer Pad & Keyboard bundle was housed in a box instead of individual boxes.

I had been using the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer for a little over a week now and i’m very happy with the purchase since it did what i had intended it to perform, which is :

  1. Browse the net – i had made use of Dolphin HD for some browsing as the default browser opens most websites in mobile form. Some websites that has flash contents are still slightly laggy but workable.
  2. Watch videos – i was previously watching most of my videos on my desktop and with the Transformer, i’m able to move from my position and stay away from the desktop, focusing on just watching my videos. The viewing angles are really wide and the screen is very crisp since it’s IPS.
  3. Read RSS
  4. Play Android games – most of the time games will rescale on the Transformer but some apps just don’t really work on it yet.
  5. Use for school – viewing exam papers, reports on the Transformer is a different experience than viewing on real paper but offers the convenience as long as there is wifi through Dropbox

ASUS had updated the Transformer over this week and is living up to the expectations. I really love chiclet keys however i think that the keyboard might just be a little too small for my hands, but people really have to try it out before deciding. The unique parts of the keyboard dock is :

  1. Shortcut keys for Android, Volume, Brightness
  2. In-built battery to recharge the Pad
  3. Trackpad

What is most different about the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is that it is able to transform into a laptop / netbook styled device by combining the Pad and the keyboard dock.


  1. IPS screen with large viewing angles
  2. Gorilla glass screen which is scratch resistance
  3. Combination of 16+ hours of battery life, which is able to satisfy most user’s needs if they are on the road or are without electric supply.
  4. A laptop / netbook experience, enable for quick typing on office programs
  5. Currently the cheapest alternative for a Honeycomb tablet comparable to major brands


  1. Screen is highly reflective and is a finger print magnet
  2. Slightly heavy due to the in-built battery in the Pad and the Keyboard dock
  3. 2 x USBs and a Full SD card slot is only available on the Keyboard dock

Overall, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is a very good device with the convenience of Android and will soon take on the further updates from the latest version of Honeycomb via ASUS. I really look forward to that and hope to have a better user experience than before.