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January 2010

Today: Wii, Unagi & Forbes 100 Celebs for 2009…

By |2010-08-16T03:46:30+08:00January 4th, 2010|Today|

Somehow there isn't really much to do today... woke up at 1pm... Besides from cooking udon maggi mee today with crabstick and egg... had some cheese cake that my mum bought from the market, played Wii with my Sister in the afternoon for a while... Made dinner using the turbo-broiler... unagi, chicken patties and steamed [...]

December 2009

Today: Books, Travel & Wii…

By |2010-11-10T05:05:54+08:00December 29th, 2009|Today|

Somehow, the day started when i woke up at about 9.30am and i had to make breakfast for my Brother and later on bring him to the bus stop to take bus to go to Jasmine's house for her to bring my brother and her son to watch 'Alvin and the Chipmunks 2'... I followed [...]

Today: Sleep, Work, Tuition & Wii…

By |2010-11-10T05:03:20+08:00December 28th, 2009|Today|

Today is Monday again... i went to sleep yesterday actually at about 7am this morning... which at the time my Sister has awaken to go to school... somehow i couldn't really sleep,... so i did more research on the com after lying on the bed for awhile at about 6am or so... The things that [...]