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July 2011

Today: Nap, Grandmother’s Here & Passing The Camera…

By |2011-07-16T13:27:44+08:00July 15th, 2011|Today|

Woke up, heated up the bread from the fridge and left for school after eating... took the MRT and bus to school... Class started and ended on time... took the bus and MRT home, bought rice from the bus interchange and took my bath when i reached home... spent some time watching my online tv [...]

February 2011

Today: Revision, Review & Inuyasha…

By |2011-02-28T02:07:06+08:00February 26th, 2011|Today|

Woke up and spent some time on the computer and heat up a pizza, fish nuggets and chicken pieces for lunch... watched my daily online tv shows while eating my lunch and went out to meet Sau Kit at Macs... Was a little late as i was counting the coins my Brother had in his [...]

Today: MPO Revision & Comms Practice Questions…

By |2011-02-26T17:56:08+08:00February 25th, 2011|Today|

First day of the school exams break... woke up earlier to eat my curry puff for breakfast before leaving the house to meet Sau Kit for his MPO revision... i reached Sunplaza first and walked around... bought a book from the Popular level 1 spread and went to look for the toilet... went to the [...]

December 2010

Today: Cage, Photoboard & Production Shopping…

By |2010-12-23T12:16:28+08:00December 22nd, 2010|Today|

Woke up early and had some pizza for breakfast and spent some time watching tv and reading my magazine while my Brother went to school to collect the PSLE secondary school posting results... Prepared and left the house to get the bus stop that i was supposed to meet Elljay... took a walk there and [...]