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September 2011

Today: Outing, Cheese Pasta For Lunch & Last Canned Soup…

By |2011-09-07T01:57:28+08:00September 5th, 2011|Today|

Woke up, spent some time eating some cake for breakfast before leaving the house... took the MRT to meet Yang Ying at Chua Chu Kang and Patricia at Boon Lay... Went to Pizza Hut for lunch... ate some pasta and the soup... walked about Jurong Point... Took the MRT home... took my bath and spent [...]

Today: Last Exam, Shopping & After Exams R&R…

By |2011-09-04T14:03:57+08:00September 2nd, 2011|Today|

Woke up, left the house and got to school... took the MRT and the bus... had breakfast in school... had some pork noodles and went to do some revision for the exam... Finished with the exam... waited a while for Yang Ying and left the school to get to Comex... bought an external harddrive and [...]

July 2011

Today: Budget Lunch, Window Shopping & Present Buying…

By |2011-07-10T12:40:43+08:00July 9th, 2011|Today|

Woke up, had a instant bowl noodle before going to school... took the MRT and the bus, reached school early... School ended early, Yang Ying and i went to the library to show her where is the assignment located on the blackboard... we left the school and took the bus to clementi, had our lunch [...]

June 2011