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September 2011

August 2011

Today: Holiday, National Day, Rest & Relax…

By |2011-08-10T15:45:25+08:00August 9th, 2011|Today|

Woke up... today's National Day so there's no school... spent some time on the computer and waited for my relatives to arrive... My Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle come to bring some of the items for the flea market... after they left, i had some baos that they brought over since i was still feeling a [...]

July 2011

Today: Pancake, Beef Noodle & Instant Noodle With Balls…

By |2011-07-27T15:05:14+08:00July 26th, 2011|Today|

Woke up, had a japanese pancake before leaving the house for school... took the MRT and the bus... Class ended, Yang Ying and i went to NP to have our lunch... ate beef noodles for lunch... took the bus and MRT home... Took my bath and spent some time on the computer updating some ebay [...]