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December 2009

Today: Swensen’s, 3/4 of Cheese & Shopping…

By |2010-11-10T04:45:17+08:00December 18th, 2009|Today|

Saw a cloud today that was quite like a mushroom cloud of a bomb... I met up with Winfield, Jonah, Faisal and Farid to do to have dinner at Marina Square Swensen's. The original meeting time was supposed to be 6pm but we reached at about 6.35pm because Farid was quite slow and [...]

Eating Out: Marina Square Swensen’s

By |2010-08-16T01:49:40+08:00December 18th, 2009|Eating Out, Event|

Today, i finally met up with Winfield, Jonah, Faisal & Farid to have dinner together,... Saw Melvin on the way to dinner... Faisal and Farid is still interacting weirdly with each other... Off we go to Marina Sqaure to search for dinner... Jonah, camera shy, is hiding [...]