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March 2011

Today: Old CID, Art Friend, Army Market, Annalakshmi…

By |2011-03-14T17:14:30+08:00March 9th, 2011|Today|

Woke up, ate a curry puff and drank some tea before leaving the house, meeting Elljay at the MRT and reached the Old CID building... moved the table and the art stuff from the set up interview room into the room opposite... Elljay went to run some errands and got some props while Tini and [...]

Today: Accounting Exam, Annalakshmi & Extreme Fullness…

By |2011-03-05T13:28:54+08:00March 3rd, 2011|Today|

Woke up and ate some croissant with scrambled eggs for breakfast before leaving the house to get to school... did some revision before leaving the house and did more on the MRT to remember the formula sheet... Reached school by taking the MRT and the bus... met up with Fang Yu at the food court [...]

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