Here are some of the items that are “Not for Sale” materials:

San-x Catalog

As i operate an online shop that sells Rilakkuma items, i get my items through authorized agents or distributors. Catalogs are given by San-x to distributors or agents for resellers to order upcoming stock. Items are ordered 2 months in advance.


Ichiban Kuji promotional materials are provided in a large clear bag which are placed together with the kuji stocks when delivered to resellers. Kuji items are placed in multiple boxes which are indicated in number (if there are 5 boxes, boxes will be indicated as example, 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 5-5). Items within the box will be indicated on the box as well. Posters are placed in cardboard tubes. Promotional materials includes: kuji poster, promotional card, redeemed sticker for the poster,  100 pieces of kuji card, kuji box.

Ichiban Kuji’s popup display (from the Japan only Ichiban Kuji, Aloha series).

System Service (Fansclub)

Fansclub promotional material can include the preorder booklet, item summary leaflet, posters, etc.

Sample of a Fansclub preorder booklet’s summary page.


Items sent from San-x netshop are sent in boxes like these.