The tool of capturing Clow Cards in the Cardcaptor Sakura Anime is the Clow Wand or the Sealing Staff. There are a total of two tools that Sakura uses to capture and convert the cards.

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Ichiban Kuji, 2014 (Banpresto)

Review: Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Original) (Bandai)

This review is for the original, 1999, version of the Bandai Clow Wand / Sealing Staff. This will be a short review before i did the 2004 version of the Clow Wand first and most of the aspect of the wand is the same expect some minute difference.

1) Box

The 1999 version is the original short version of the Clow Wand / Sealing Staff. It has a larger display window compared to the 2004 re-release version. It has a lighter pink style. Similar to the 2004 version, the wand is held in place by the cardboard and the head is held by the plastic frame.

2) Wand

The main color for the Clow Wand is pink for the shaft & eyes, white for the wings and accented with gold and red for the tips.

Clow Wand (Electronic Feature)

The electronic require 2 AAA batteries.  There is a off/on switch that can be used to turn the feature on. There is only one voice command effect which the Clow Wand would produce. A heavy or multiple tries nodding of the wand’s head should activate the effects and is likely due to the insensitivity. The beak and eyes of the Clow Wand would light up and the voice will be produced from the speaker holes from the top of the head.

Clow Wand Replica

Yes, there are replicas that exist and are mainly used for cosplay. They can be made to order, can be of any size and height.