Bandai Capsule Station 1/2

Firstly, i must note that i’m not an expert on capsule machines or stations. The reason i bought the Bandai Capsule Station was because i wanted to use it for my personal store or the occasional flea market that my family would be in. So, here it is, a walkthough of the machine !

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A side of the box shows the full content of the items in the box, which includes the following :

  • 1 x Capsule Station
  • 6 x 4.5cm capsules
  • 1 x Gashapon Board
  • 1 x Connecting Clip / Clamp (for connecting a few stations together)
  • 2 x Value Indicators (¥10 & ¥5)
  • 1 x Manual

Around the Capsule Station

The front of the capsule station comes with the standard front that you would see on the real / full sized capsule station, except a few things. The exceptions are that the return coin button, key hole and slot for the coin to be retrieved are fake; that means it’s not real.

The capsule station accepts coins that fit within or near the size of ¥100, ¥10 ,¥5. It accepts other currencies as well. A coin is required for the capsule station to work.

Place the coin in the slot and turn the know for the capsules to be vended. The coin will slide in and be stored in the compartment.

With the 2 value indicators, you can change the value desired.

The capsule station comes with a cardboard generic face board. I traced it and made my own since i planned to use it for my purposes.

If you’d like to DIY for the face board :

  1. Trace it out on a piece of white paper
  2. Scan the traced paper
  3. Use any editing software to add images or text
  4. Compare to traced paper before printing
  5. Print out
  6. Cut and fit

How it works

The capsule station as you can see is very light weight as it is also portable. It requires a coin before it can actually vend the capsule.

**Warning against putting small coins into the slot as they can get stuck. If they are already stuck, force in another coin (a larger one) and turn the knob to force it into the storage compartment.