Clow Cards & Sakura Cards are the one of the essentials of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime.

There are various editions of Clow Book & Clow Cards / Sakura Book & Sakura Cards that exist which are listed below and this is a review for the Bandai edition.

– Clow Cards – American edition (Trendmasters)
– Clow Cards – Japanese edition & Reprint / Deluxe edition (Bandai)
– Clow Cards – Japanese edition (Kodansha)
Clow Cards – Japanese edition (Re-release, 2015) (Kodansha)
– Compare different Clow Card sets
– Sakura Cards – Japanese edition (Bandai)
– Sakura Cards – Japanese 2nd movie edition (Bandai)

– Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Early Edition), (Original, 1999) & (Re-release, 2004) (Bandai)
– Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Re-release, 2015) (Movic)
– DX Star Wand (Bandai)
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Clow Book & Clow Cards (Trendmasters Edition)

There are specific characteristics that set apart the various editions, especially the Trendmasters edition from the other editions by Kodansha & Bandai.

(I have yet to open up my set from when i bought them awhile back ago since they were sealed up by tape, so this review will be supplemented with videos instead.)

The basic contents and characteristics of the Trendmasters edition of Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Book & Clow Cards are :

1) Box
A Trendmasters style box with a basic write up on the back that houses the several (4) Clow Cards on the left & Clow Book on the right.

2) Clow Book
The Trendmasters Clow Book is made of solid plastic material with a cloth material strap and a plastic latch buckle. There are no writing printed internally while the card sink that hold the cards is white.

3) Clow Cards
The Trendmasters Clow Cards follows anime looks of the Clow Cards. The style of the cards are of the grayish background variant and yellowish taint. It is glossy and made is cardboard. There are a total of 52 cards.

Clow Book & Clow Cards (Trendmasters Edition Replica)

This Chinese set is the closest to Trendmaster’s Clow Book & Clow Cards set.

Difference between Trendmasters Edition & Bandai Edition

The difference between Trendmasters (American) & Bandai (Japanese) are :

– Trendmasters edition does not have the Clow Card number on the front
– Amount of small text written on the back of the Clow Cards
– Design of plastic latch
– Possible shade & color differences due to production
– Card sink material; Bandai edition is made from foam / cardboard
– Bandai edition comes with extra manual, mini game cards & Clow Sealing Key

What is so special about the Trendmasters edition ?

The Trendmasters edition is the only Clow Book version that is produced in plastic. Theoretically, the Trendmasters edition should be more durable compared to Kodansha’s and Bandai’s editions which are made of hard cardboard.

Clow Book & Clow Cards (Trendmasters Edition) Videos