Clow Cards & Sakura Cards are the one of the essentials of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime.

There are various editions of Clow Book & Clow Cards / Sakura Book & Sakura Cards that exist which are listed below and this is a review for the Bandai edition.

– Clow Cards – American edition (Trendmasters)
– Clow Cards – Japanese edition & Reprint / Deluxe edition (Bandai)
– Clow Cards – Japanese edition (Kodansha)
Clow Cards – Japanese edition (Re-release, 2015) (Kodansha)
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– Sakura Cards – Japanese edition (Bandai)
– Sakura Cards – Japanese 2nd movie edition (Bandai)

– Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Early Edition), (Original, 1999) & (Re-release, 2004) (Bandai)
– Clow Wand / Sealing Staff (Re-release, 2015) (Movic)
– DX Star Wand (Bandai)
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Clow Book & Clow Cards (Kodansha Edition)

There are specific characteristics that set apart the various editions, especially the Kodansha edition from the other editions by Trendmasters & Bandai.

The basic contents and characteristics of the Kodansha edition of Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Book & Clow Cards are :

1) Clow Book
The Kodansha Clow Book is the main packaging and is made of hard cardboard box with Keroberus design. There maybe a few variants in existence which includes the common glossy and the seldom seen non-glossy version. There may or may not be an external sticker which captures the product detail. Also, there may or may not be a cardboard protector that protects the Clow Book that is wrapped outside. There are Japanese characters printed on the inside; back of the cover & card sink (item information & print date). Japanese characters ‘講談社’ & ‘The Clow’ on the spine.

2) Clow Card Box – houses the Clow Cards
Within the Clow Book, there is a Cardboard box (design of which are the back of the Clow Cards & “The Clow” on the sides) that houses the cards.

3) Clow Cards
In the Kodansha edition, there are a total of 52 cards. The style of the cards are of the purplish background variant which are made of tougher cardboard material than other Clow Card versions which makes the Kodansha edition good for handling. It is also non-glossy. There may or may not be a plastic card binder.

4) Clow Card Leaflet
The last item that comes in the Kodansha edition is the card list which is made of thicker paper. It is non-white and lists all 52 Clow Cards.



5) Print version & information

The print information states the print run of the cards and various information.

What’s so special about the kodansha edition ?

Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Book & Clow Cards maybe hard to find since it has been released for many years but it’s not really difficult to find an authentic Kodansha edition.

What makes the Kodansha edition a great version of the Clow Cards is that the cards are durable and is able to withstand handling compared to the other versions. Also, the Kodansha edition is the only purple background edition since it doesn’t not follow the original grey color from the Cardcaptor Sakura anime.

How to identify an authentic Cardcaptor Sakura Kodansha version Clow Cards Set ?

There seem to be many high end replicas that appeared since 2014, but here are the points on how to identify an authentic version.

  • Front sticker label (both appears on original and re-released 2015 edition)
  • Comes with 52 (strictly) clow cards & card box
  • Material, texture of the cards
  • Print information in the box

If in doubt, please do not buy. If you are looking for a 100% authentic version of the kodansha edition clow cards set, take note of the sticker label’s existence.

Clow Cards Gallery

Clow Book & Clow Cards (Kodansha Edition Replica)

The Kodansha edition, with it’s purple background, is one of the versions that is highly replicated and sold cheaply online or in China (since it’s manufactured there). Above is one example of the commonly reproduced Kodansha edition and a few different designs exists.

(Kodansha on the left, replica on the right)

There’s no way that someone will mistaken a replica for an authentic edition if they pay attention to the details and check against the contents of an authentic edition.

Some telltale signs of replicas are that they have large Chinese characters on the Clow Book, Clow Cards are of lower quality, slightly faded color, etc.

Clow Cards Companion Book

The Clow Cards Companion Book contains the meaning of the each Clow Card and shows the uses how to make use of the Clow deck for tarot reading. The Companion Book is available in Japanese & Chinese editions.

Clow Cards Companion Book (Sample Gallery)