Bad news brought on the 14th January in the Associates Blog that will no longer pay referral fees to associates who sends prospective buyers to, & through keyword bidding or other paid search on search engines. will take action on their decision from 1st February of 2010 onwards based on careful review of their referral programs.

To read more about the changes, visit the Associates Blog article ‘Changes to Amazon Associates Programme‘. is now to follow the changes made by to also not pay their associates if buyers had bought their item(s) via entering a PPC advertisement posted in the search engines.  News brought to the associates on 6th April 2009 and be carried out on 1st May 2009. The article are as follows, ‘Change to Amazon Associates program

Somehow this action by is going to upset many PPC direct linking associates to the greatest while they might have totally lost or at least a large bulk of their income. This shows that its time to do a better landing page or site about the products then. At the same time, beware Google’s recent banning of their Adwords user account.

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