December 2009

CD: 顺子 爱情挫折

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顺子 爱情挫折 CD Cover I bought the 顺子 爱情挫折 CD, which contains 2 CDs of her songs, mainly the first CD consists of her famous songs like 回家 & 写一首歌. Her second CD consists mainly her english songs that she had covered... Again, i bought the 顺子 爱情挫折 CD at the [...]

CD: 那英全经典

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那英全经典 CD I bought 那英's 那英全经典 4CD from the pasar malam at Chong Pang for $16.90. The 4 CD consist of her 3 albums which are, 那英全經典,我不是天使 & 白天不懂夜的黑.... sadly there isn't more of her CDs inside or included... i had hoped for the 征服 CD... but at least i have [...]

CD: 苏芮 35周年精选

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苏芮 35周年精选 CD I bought the 苏芮 35周年精选 3CD from the pasar malam at Chong Pang for $16.90. It's a good buy though, with all her more well known songs such as 酒矸倘賣無, 一樣的月光, 是否 & so on...