March 2011

Eating Out: Baidu BBQ

By |2011-03-01T23:29:44+08:00March 1st, 2011|Eating Out, Event|

I had went to Baidu BBQ, which is located at Bugis a couple of times. The obvious reasons why we go there is because my teammates which mainly consisted of students from China find the food much more suitable to their taste due to the availability of  spices. Baidu BBQ provides a dual steamboat pot for 2 [...]

April 2010

Eating Out: Bishan Junction 8 Fish Market

By |2011-03-01T23:05:24+08:00April 5th, 2010|Eating Out, Event|

We had ordered the more simple dishes from the Fish Market at Bishan Junction 8... had ordered 3 Dory Fish & Chips with (2 add-ons of Soup of the Day + 1 Drink) & 1 Crispy Whitebait... The Soup of the Day, Mushroom Soup contains small mushroom bits with strong mushroom taste... quite [...]

March 2010

What did i do today…

By |2010-03-20T23:42:02+08:00March 20th, 2010|Event, Overseas, Today|

Day 6, the day we are to return to Singapore, packed a full luggage and is ready to go... we had our breakfast and went up to our rooms to take the luggage... we traveled by bus to the airport with our Uncle and Aunt... we checked in together with the Grandmothers since they were [...]

What did i do today…

By |2010-03-19T23:40:17+08:00March 19th, 2010|Event, Overseas, Today|

Today is friday and my Sister, Brother, Mum and i are going to the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island... the Grandmothers are staying around the hotel, then was brought out by my Aunt... we took the MTR to Tung Chung and then took the Ngong Ping 360 cable car after breakfast below the hotel... the [...]

What did i do today…

By |2010-03-18T23:38:53+08:00March 18th, 2010|Event, Overseas, Today|

Today is the day where we are to go our seperate ways... i was to go to the Giant Buddha, the others are to go to Disneyland and the Grandmothers are to go to visit the relatives... we took the mini-bus from the hotel to the Tsing Yi MTR mall Maritime Square to meet up [...]