Book: 图解经典68-图解日本妖怪大全(上卷)-日本最器张的423种妖怪

//Book: 图解经典68-图解日本妖怪大全(上卷)-日本最器张的423种妖怪


I’m reading this book tonight…bought it from kino but still have not gotten the chance to read it yet… yay ! Anyways, love the expression of the little Japanese girl… haha… waiting to finish this book to read the lower collection book

The book is translated from the collection of Mizuki Shigeru (水木茂), the japanese horror manga master & yokai expert.

The book mentions multiple types of monster which they have sorted.
1 ) The Cute – naughty yet what they do are relatively harmless
2 ) The Scary – besides from being scary-looking, their stories are great warnings
3 ) The Deity – they may be deities or the servants of deities
4 ) The Flaming – their appearance are mainly flames or fire
5 ) The Objects – they had turned into demons & monsters from ordinary objects
6 ) The Organism – they turned into demons & monsters from things like fishes, animals & plants
7 ) The Shapeshifters – the demons & monsters that could shapeshift
8 ) The kappas – there are not only one type of kappas, many more are also related
9 ) The Vengeance – many demons & monster also also looking for revenge
10 ) The Big – besides from being frightening, they are big
11 ) The Mysterious – they rarely show themselves or only their voices or part of them is heard or seen
12 ) The Weird – the weird thing about them is that they only have one leg or one eye or just simply weird looking

Monster / Demon Listings

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