Book: 斷尾求生 – 中國太監奇聞

//Book: 斷尾求生 – 中國太監奇聞

斷尾求生 – 中國太監奇聞

斷尾求生- 中國太監奇聞

斷尾求生- 中國太監奇聞

I bought this book, 斷尾求生- 中國太監奇聞, at a small book fair opposite of the Khatib MRT station. It was quite random that i bought the book at all because somehow in the Chinese culture, 太監, a whole is quite fascinating, as they are often at the side of the emperor or other royalties which make them less obvious and would often be left out, but in fact they do contribute to the Chinese history, even though they no longer exist in modern times…

I bought the book for $5, but i had also seen the book at the Bras Basah popular…

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