July 2018

Formulating With Vitamin C (For Beginners)

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This is a beginner's guide on formulating for Vitamin C & its derivatives. I will not be going to detail what each derivative can do or how they compare. General Guidelines Take note of the pH requirements of the different Vitamin C derivatives for stability in a product. An additional anti-oxidant will be recommended to reduce [...]

August 2012

Today: Car Ride To School, Early Breakfast & Hot Noodles…

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Woke up, took the car to school... had some fried food before getting to class... Went to the library to do some research... took the bus and mrt home... Bought some mee goreng from the mrt before getting home... Had noodles for dinner and took my bath... Did more reading before sleeping...

Today: Back To School, Quick Dinner & More Work…

By | 2012-08-24T02:35:08+00:00 August 21st, 2012|Today|

Woke up, left the house for school... took the bus and the mrt... Bought some fried food for breakfast... Took the bus and mrt home when class ended... bought rice from the bus interchange... Had the mixed rice and took my bath... had some baked chicken for dinner... Surfed the net and did some assignment [...]